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Keri Smith has crafted an interactive guide and how-to for becoming a member of The Wander Society, a group of individuals that seek spiritual awakening through the act of wandering. Anyone is welcome to join The Wander Society, and the only thing you need to do to join is to begin wandering yourself.

Ian's Review

I received this book from my partner for my birthday, and it was a fun read. While I don't completely agree with all of the philosophies within this book, a great deal of the contents are rooted in values that align with my own. It made me rethink my own act of wandering and provided me with useful insights on how to enhance the way I wander through this world, both physically and in my mind.

Loan Status

This book is available to be loaned. Book a meeting with Ian to pick it up or drop by 324 5th St. Downtown Courtenay during regular business hours.