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The Conversion Code is a set of instructions for generating leads online, how to create appointments from those leads effectively, and ultimately, how to close a sale during those appointments.

Ian's Review

This book is quite reflective of the decade before and after it is written. In ~15-20 years I would guess that the advice this book will either be out-dated or become industry-standard practices for online marketing and sales. I furiously took notes for much of my time reading this book. There is a lot of valuable information. That being said, there are some ways of operating as a salesperson that this book outlines that I don't necessarily agree with. The author certainly understands the fundamental need to build trust, but there are some methods he suggests to employ that I am uncertain will maintain trust effectively with a client after a sale is made. Additionally, some advice seems somewhat manipulative, but that could be said of any marketing tactics. All in all, though, there is some great advice in here, and with any book you read, think for yourself and draw your own conclusions. Just because something works, doesn't mean it will work for you.

Loan Status

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