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"At once shocking, entertaining, and profound—Radical Honesty is a revolutionary book that takes a fresh look at how we live, love, and attempt to heal ourselves in modern society."

Ian's Review

This one was pretty difficult to read. Not to say that it wasn't a bad read, but it took a lot of processing and a lot more time to finish than a typical read. Brad talks about a "prison" we have made for ourselves, and it's built from the bullshit lies we tell ourselves, our loved ones, and everyone else. I've generally regarded myself as an honest person, but this book helped me identify a lot of ways that I lie to myself (and, as a result, to other people). After reading a certain chapter, I woke up in the morning, got in the shower, and in the quiet where my mind wandered, I realized I was lying to myself right then and there. Muttering a bunch of lies about myself and other people as a way of making me feel better about myself and where I'm at in life. It was hilarious and profound. But, that anecdote scratches only the surface of what this book reveals in one's self and in others. Highly recommend.

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