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Measure What Matters is the hype squad book for OKRs — Objectives and Key results. It summarized what OKRs are and their four super powers. Throughout the book, it discusses how various wildly successful companies implemented OKRs and how they're better off because of it.

Ian's Review

Measure What Matters was a bit of a difficult read for me. The endless hyping up felt a bit redundant, but on the bright side, OKRs are so simple to understand that the book's structure makes sense. They're so easy to understand that, if you wrote a book on it, it would be less than 75 pages. The stories were nice at first, but I was more interested in OKRs and how they work. I've begun implementing this management system in my own work, and it already has provided benefits. If I loaned this book to anyone, I would tell them to focus on learning what OKRs are, what they do, and what their superpowers are — and don't feel bad about skipping the hype sections.

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