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The industry standard of a sales mindset is that a sale cannot be made without trust. In High Trust Selling, Todd Duncan provides information on how to become a trustworthy salesperson.

Ian's Review

The interesting thing about this book is that it has the premise of making you a better salesperson by becoming more trustworthy, but to become a trustworthy person, you must become worthy of trust. For some, this may very well mean turning your life upside down (in a good way). High Trust Selling is not just a great manual for becoming a better salesperson, but a great manual for becoming a better person in general. At one point in the book, he even suggests you stop continuing to read the book until you make a life plan. As part of fully participating in this book, I made my life plan a couple of months ago, and it has already helped me tremendously with grounding my personal and work life with a path forward that I can rely on. This and many other valuable lessons and exercises can be found in this book.

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