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In Contagious, Jonah Berger explains the 6 "STEPPS" to creating viral or word-of-mouth content. He does this with research-based, data-backed conclusions rooted in human psychology relating to the [S]ocial currency, [T]riggers, [E]motion, [P]racticul value, [P]ublic, [S]tories elements of content that is more likely to be shared widely.

Ian's Review

If you've read my reviews about This Is Marketing and Building A Story Brand, you may have heard me mention that those books were cheat codes for marketing. If you ask me, Contagious is not only another cheat code for marketing, but a cheat code for social media. This is the book for upping your game if you're a social media content producer. I still have a lot to learn about following the STEPPS, but I am already practicing it and getting tangible results.

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